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Who we are - DUC PHAT in brief


DUC PHAT Trading & Industrial Services Joint-Stock Company (Abbreviation is DP JSC), was established under License 0106370787 granted by Hanoi Planning and Investment Department. Based in No. 72, Ly Tu Trong Street, Quang Trung Ward, Ha Dong District, Hanoi city, Vietnam.We are a leader in power and automation technologies. The company in its current form was created in 2013, but its history spans over 20 years. Since our establishment, we have been operating in a wide range of activities. Following is the overview of our operation and some information.

Business area and scope


Construction for the Hydropower Projects, Manufacture and Trade for Electricity, Control and Intrument systsems

- Supply and installation business/public telecommunication and  IT systems.

- Construction, installation for Civil Work, Industry Work,  Irrigation Traffic Work, Urban Infrastructure, Industrial Zone,  Enjoy and Entertainment Area

- Supplying electricity materials, equipment and machinery

- Supplying construction and transport materials and equipment

- Supplying materials and equipment for sciences (e.g. analysing and experimental equipment)

- Supplying materials and equipment for chemical and water treatment industries

- Supplying medical equipment and materials

- Producing low and medium voltage electricity boards



Headquarter office


Address           : No. 72, Ly Tu Trong Street, Quang Trung Ward, Ha Dong District, Hanoi city, Vietnam.

Tel                  : + 84 4 38838686

Fax                 : + 84 4 38838989

E- Mail            :






Completed Building Management System Solutions


A long with economy development, many huge buildings, offices, hotels, factories, airports, hospitals, ... are being constructed. The most concerns are how to create the comfort for users, to utilize these building effectively, to save cost and to return fast invesment. Our service chain is fully completed from consultation, design, calculation, implementaion and maintenance. With a qualified engineer team, we are glad to bring to Investor the total building automation solution, including:

1. Heating - Ventilatiing - Airconditioning (HVAC) control and management

2. Power Management

3. Lighting Control

4. Sanitary System Management

5. Other M&E System Management such as elevator, ...

6. Intelligent Building Management System (iBMS)

7. The product range: SIEMENS APOGEE with INSIGHT, Niagara Frame Work based Products such as Honeywell, TAC, Distech Control, ...





Security and Life Safety Systems


A total building solution could not be lack  of security and life safety system. We supply completely the following systems:

  1. Fire Alarm and Fire Fighting System

- Design: TCVN, and NFPA standards

- Electrical & hydraulic calculation, P&ID, shop drawing, implementation and maintenance

- Product range: Notifier, Nohmi, Hochiki, Ansul, Viking, Thorn, Kidde, Tyco.

  1. Security System:

- Access Control: SIEMENS - Sipass.


- Public Address System: TOA, Philips Bosc.



Communication and Informatics Solutions

We supply completed solutions from investigation, propose, design and implementation for voice, data, and video integration system in enterprise and industrial fields, including:

- Transmision solution: Radio link, Microwave, HF, VHF, Fibre Optics

- PABX, Video Conference Solution

We supply solution, design and implement data centers and also data security systems:

- Precision Air Conditioning System

- Civil Works: Raise floor, Power distribution, UPS, Automatic fire alarm and fighting system

- Rack, cable structure

- Intrution Alarm, CCTV and Access Control

- Enviromental Monitoring and Alarm System



Industrial Automation and Power Solutions

We supply industrial automation solution for process factories with a complete service chain: investigation -> propose -> design -> implementation -> maintenance.

- Motor Control Technique: Motor Drivers, exciter, ...

- System Integration: PLC, DCS, HMI

- Process Instruments and Liquid Analyzers: Flow control, Sensors, ...





Mining Machinary and M&E Systems

Trade, design and manufacture machine parts for mining machinaries such as off-road truck, conveyor, ...

- Machine Part: Caterpilar, Volvo, Komatshu, ...

- Material weighing system: Truck weighing, continuous weighing, and sea-port crane weighing

- Supply, installation and maintenance mining M&E system

- Supply, installation and maintenance mining M&E system

- Fire - explosion and toxic alarm for mining tunels

- Dedicated access control and telecomunication system for mining



Installation and Maintenance Services

We are well staffed by locals with substantial management experiences and in-depth engineering knowledge of contruction, structure calculation, mechanical - electrical, and insdustrial standards such as NFPA, TCVN, IEC, ASHRAE, ... We are very confident to supply installtion and maintenance services in M&E fields, including:

- Electrical and power systems

- Telecomunication System

- Low-current Systems

- Fire alarm and fire fighting systems

- Pressured piping works






Building Management Systems

Location: No. 21 Cat Linh street, Dong Da District, Ha Noi

Client: Militery Bank- MB

Scope of works: Design, supply, installation, testing and commissioning

ü LV cabinets, BUSWAY system, lighting, energy, and sanitary integration

ü Lightning protection system

ü Waste water treatment system



Distributed Control System - DCS

Location: Phu Ninh District, Phu Tho Province

Client: Bai Bang Paper company - BAPACO

Scope of works: Design and engineering, assembling, supplying, installation, commissioning and start-up Distributed Control System for Power plant

ü 01 x 110t/h Coal Fire Boiler

ü 02 x Turbine & Generators

ü 01 x Recovery Boiler

ü 01 x Coal Handling System

ü 01 x Ash Handling System

ü 01 x Cooling Water System

Product: 800xA Industrial IT - ABB



ElectroStatic Precipitator - ESP

Location: Uong Bi city, Quang Ninh Province

Client: Uong Bi Thermal power company

Scope of works: Design, manufacturing, commissioning and start-up whole ESP for Power Boilers.

ü 04 Power Boilers

ü 04 Electrical Fields  per ESP

ü 04 Rectifier Transformer & Hi-Voltage Controller per ESP

ü 01 SCADA system

ü 01 lot of mechanical system

Product: ESP Controller -POWERCON 900 and SCADA software - GE




Location: Yen Phong 110kV Substation and OHL, Bac Ninh Province

Client: Bac Ninh Power Company

Scope of works: Supply of Remote Data Acquisition Panel (RCP) for Yen Phong 110kV Substation and OHL, Bac Ninh Province

Product: COM600 series - ABB


Managers and Staffs

DUC PHAT employment and staffs

- Bachelor of Economics                                                : 07

-    Engineers, including trades:                             : 30

Electricity - Electronics                                                     : 05

Electrical Systems - Electrical Equipment                    : 03

Heat and Aircondictioning                                              : 05

IT and Telecomunications                                               : 02

Measurement and control                                                : 02

Automation Engineer                                                        : 06

Mechanical Engineer                                                        : 05


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Hệ thống kích thích tĩnh - AVR

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Hỗ trợ trực tuyến

Kinh doanh 1

Nguyễn Duy Thủy

Mobile: 0904803389


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Nguyễn Hùng Cường

Mobile: 0912556568


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